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Historic Transformational Technologies

New Technology

Developing mixed martial artists and boxers, their trainers, managers, and promoters will appreciate the immense and dramatic effect of existing and new technology and the convergence of digital matchmaking and marketing technology offered by Fighters Online.

Fighters Online has developed new technologies to change a very unfair business structure which advantages a few promoters to receive the lion's share of the revenue. With your help, we will create a system which, if understood and used by all the developing fighters and new fighters, will become a goldmine for the fighters.

This will be especially true for the new fighters from other sports who have a strong following of fans from their sport who would add to their already strong marquee value.

This will require a sufficient number of fighters and promoters to register with Fighters Online, Inc. and study and use the online matchmaking, fan polling and marketing of your high value digital fight content to the hundreds of millions of subscribers who are only recent customers because of technology.

Our promoters must understand that the first step is creating a quality video of his entire card. Next, the promoter gets the video to his ISP who delivers it to another digital content delivery company. The video goes through other network operators and finally to the consumer's home.

Our technology is designed to rapidly develop the income from the world's new and developing fighters by enabling them to dramatically accelerate the creation, management, distribution and management of more digital fight content and manage the marketing of his digital fight content.

Fighters have found it difficult to get fights with other fighters for reasonable purses. New inexperienced heavyweights from other sports find it difficult to connect with to easily get fights with other heavyweights from their sport with similar experience.

Using our online technology will quickly improve their skills and marquee value of thousands of fighters and scores of promoters, trainers and managers. Most of this new technology has enabled the dominate MMA and boxing promoters to distribute MMA fighters' digital content to reach millions of millions of new home subscribers. The technology has been just recently developed.

The technology developer's goal was to provide access by the promoter who controls the fight content. The digital fight content was purchased under a Promoters Contract from the fighter-creator. The UFC partnered with 150 distributors of online video to this new and growing market. This explosive demand for fight video was specific, a new market of 800 million home internet subscribers from 145 countries were demanding fight videos. Some of the content streamed to this new market was from the UFC’s library purchased years ago, some recent, and much of it was live UFC productions.

Existing Technology

Fighters Online developed patented methods for revolutionary uses of wireless technology and software to create a revolutionary matchmaking and marketing method. Fighters Online method involves a new Agreement between all of the registered fighters and promoters. The Agreement provides them with the rights of a licensee to use the proprietary patented features owned by Fighters Online.

The method restores to the fighters the ownership, rightfully his as an owner-creator of the digital rights under the law. Fighters Online restores to the fighter all of the digital rights to his fights and enables him to maintain control over those rights, including the owner’s fundamental right to make decisions relating to the amounts and control over revenue received in the future. These decisions relating to the amounts and control over revenue received from consumers in future marketing. Those decisions are normally accorded to the creators of digital content.

Digitization Changing the World of Boxing

The technology has only been recently developed that is necessary to substantially increase the fighter's share of massive increases in revenue from 800 million fans in 145 countries who now receive UFC fights on the internet and are new subscribers to digital fight content and beneficiaries of advanced technologies developed by new companies enabling promoters to distribute massive amounts of digital fight content to meet exploding current worldwide demand.

Fighters Online has devoted years to designing the following features for fighters. They have been customized and specifically designed in their entirety to make fighters aware that the current matchmaking and marketing system has had a disastrous financial effect on 99% of them and their families. Fighters Online has used new technologies to change a disastrous system into a goldmine for the fighters.

It is important for all of the current fighters and promoters to fully understand the significance of Fighters Online. Every fighter and promoter must understand the details of the features to fully grasp the importance of the benefit to them, how and why each particular feature is a benefit, and whether it's the fighter or promoter (or both) that each of the features benefit and the specific reasons the feature is a benefit.

Your Understanding is Very Important

Our goal is to dramatically improve the lives of hundreds of fighters and promoters. We can do it and we will do it.

Very few new companies like Fighters Online would be considered revolutionary. But, because its features dramatically improve the income and future of a group of athletes, the features were intended to and are fortunate enough to exist at a time in history when all of the technologies required to create a product which can be distributed to consumers in 800 million homes.

For Fighters Online to reach its potential for helping fighters, we need thousands of the world’s fighters and promoters to register and begin using exclusively the matchmaking and marketing system. By using all of its features, you will gain a deep understanding of its importance to you and all of the fighters in the world. You will also realize that the more fighters that use it, the more promoters will use it. The more fighters and promoters use it, the more our revenue from the world's subscribers will grow. This will dramatically increase your share of the gross from hundreds of high-value Made Fights.

The gross revenue of Fighters Online will include subscription revenue from a large share of the 800 million subscribers from 145 countries. grow very quickly to hundreds of millions of dollars and the fighters and promoters share this gross 50/25. This is our purpose. We don't mean to slight our Fighters Online promoters, but their contracts with fighters have been slighting fighters for far too long.

It becomes close to miraculous when you realize that God has blessed us with a simple but nonetheless revolutionary new online matchmaking model. To the licensee-fighters and promoters, this is free agency with wheels. To those of us who have this inexplainable passion for reforming the fight business, it's a gift.

Our simple gift of a company like Fighters Online to thousands of fighters and promoters, all of whom who see the miraculous value of this gift, a simple online method, the timing of which created to make right a business system which had been so unjust to fighters for so long.

Under this simple online method, fighters in all weight classes will be able to create thousands of fights spread throughout every weight class. That is revolutionary. Add to that the gift to promoters the model of being able to sort this database of fights made by the fighters by weight class, location of fighter zip code and his fan base, and by the fight fan preferences according to fan polling online. Under this new method, there is no matchmaking as we have understood it. The fights are already made. That's why it's named Made Fights. There's no purse paid by the promoter. A fighter's dream and a promoter's dream.

The digital fight content created by the fighters are Fighters Online products which we manage. These are the fighters’ digital rights which we market as managers. These are digital property rights created and owned by the fighters. There is currently a worldwide demand for more online fight video. The response of those of us in the fight business to meet this immense demand will be met partially by new businesses developing more efficient technology for distributing the digital fight content and partially by fighters and promoters creating new fight content.

Fighters Online has also developed new software for using wireless technology to enable the fighters themselves to partner with thousands of other fighters to create a great amount of highly marketable digital fight content for scores of Fighters Online promoters to use our new technology models which will offer us a tremendous opportunity.

We are fortunate to be at this formative stage of development in the industry.

It is important that the thousands of current fighters and the hundreds of promoters read this with a special overriding concern about our management of your creation of digital rights and our management of the promotion and marketing of those digital rights so that you receive a fair share of the revenue from the hundreds of millions of home subscribers from all over the world which has been kept secret.

These features are intended to impress upon the promoter in control of these new found revenues that the potential transformational effects of the patent on our matchmaking and marketing model which restores to the creator-owner-fighter’s total and complete control of the entire matchmaking and marketing process. The owners of all rights to the digital fight content at creation are the creators – the fighters.

Manager vs Promoter

An experienced promoter will be well qualified to perform what has been up to now the manager’s primary responsibilities of finding opponents and negotiating the terms of the fight contract with the opponents, who presumably will have a style and record that his manager’s fighter will win and look good doing it.

The fighter's contract with his manager or promoter, or both, normally makes them both potentially responsible for getting him the best paying fights, depending on the specific language in their contracts. Assuming the fighter only has a promotional contract with the promoter, the language describing the promoter's responsibilities to the fighter could easily include giving his "best efforts" to the fighter-creator-owner of the digital fight content for informing, organizing, and assisting the fighter in creating more content (usually expressed as a minimum number of fights per year) and creating a higher-value content (usually expressed as a minimum purse per fight and a minimum annual).

The promoter's contractual marketing obligations of "best efforts” to maximize the fighter’s earnings by (1) increasing (at least to the contract’s minimum per year) the number of the fighter’s digital fights promoted by the promoter (created by the fighter), or (2) managing the market value of the digital rights to increase their earnings value to the owner expressed as royalties, licensing fees, pay-per-view buys, or subscriptions.

The revenue from all sources of marketing the digital fight content and all earnings are normally accorded the fighters as an owner's benefit. The amount varies according to the percentage of ownership of the fighter-creator.

Promoters Marketing Obligations to Fighters

The fighters managers and promoters should share responsibility for ensuring that the fighters’ share of gross revenue from all sources is an amount determined using current market prices that would be paid by subscribers to a current distributor of digital content.

The owners rights include the right to control and enjoy the financial benefits which have grown dramatically through the promoter’s use of marketing technology. UFC programming is broadcast to 800 million TV household throughout 145 countries, and content is hosted on the UFC website and delivered on every major mobile gaming platform.

The subscribers to the content should have rightfully been given to the creator-owner from the inception of the rights at creation. The promoter's revenue source is an enormous world market which should be shared with the creators of the content. The fighters should receive their fair share of this new found revenue. Bob Arum's comment on technology's effect on boxing's subscribers is relevant, "They are selling to an audience of 1.4 billion people so you will never have enough tickets.

Who Owns Digital Rights

Promoters have historically used their promoter contracts with the first fighter in a fight to buy the first fighter's digital rights and preempt the fighter's rights as an owner-creator of digital content. The promoter then negotiates a fight contract between the first fighter and his opponent for the two fighters to fight each other.

Contracts and Fight Contracts Promoter

Under terms of the Promotional contract he negotiated with the first fighter as his promoter and the Fight Contact he negotiated with the second fighter as his opponent, the promoter bought all rights from both fighters and now owns the digital rights to their fight.

Both of their contracts contain language carefully crafted to transfer all rights to the promoter, including digital and all other rights of ownership which might arise in the future. The contracts transfer to the promoter the rights to control all future sources of revenue from the digital fight. This model violates the legal principle that the rights of ownership of content originate with and belong to the creators of that content.

Promoters' Business Model

The promoters' business model, which has been around forever, has not been changed for good reason. The promoters control the system. The ownership of digital fight content has always gone to the promoters. The promoters are smart. The best promoters recruit at the Olympics and sign promotion contracts with the top Olympic fighters one at a time, hoping that one of them becomes a World Champion, and another becomes a Contender and a highly marketable opponent. This is the typical scenario. Right out of the Olympics, both fighters have great pay-per-view potential. The nature and future value of their product, digital fight content,

We want every promoter and fighter in the world to understand everything about the boxing and MMA business.

The Current Fight Business

Under the current system the promoter buys the rights of ownership at their lowest value, at the Olympics at a time when the huge value of their digital fight content is created years' later.

The current fight business model is the epitome of an unfair business practice. It serves solely the promoters' financial interest and reeks with conflicts of interest.

Fight Business Contracts

Promoters' Contracts and Fight Contracts enable promoters to use contract law to preempt the rights of creators. The originators of content are precluded from exercising their owner’s rights. The promoters become the owners under their contract and continue to market those rights to television and in recent weeks are controlling digital rights by selling them to a new market of 800 million subscribers.

All owners of products they create receive a price at the fair market value of his product at the time the product was created. The product before their fight and before a digital product was created, it was a Fight Contract, their Agreement to fight under specific enforceable terms. These were contractual rights of a promoter who owned a Fight Contract, an agreement between two fighters to fight at a specific time and place under specific terms. The fighters would when they fought at that time create digital content.

Our patented self-matchmaking and marketing model gives the rights of ownership of digital content back to the rightful owners, the two fighters who created and were the originators of the digital fight content. Their digital product is in high demand and if the fighters and promoters use our business model to take control, their digital products could be worth a small fortune.

The Features of Our Business Model

The merits, rationale, and power of Fighters Online’s features were designed specifically to restore legal rights to heavyweights and promoters and build a strong working business model which creates important financial incentives stimulating the growth of their promoters and fighters) common interests in all sources of revenue.

These features will be recognized by all fighters and promoters as prominent attributes which will strengthens their business relationship. By providing that all promoters and fighters will share in all sources of revenue, the characteristics of all of the features have been designed to remove even slight conflicts of interests.

The results have been extremely gratifying. The features were designed to belong to the fighters and promoters who registered with Fighters Online. The features are expressions of a business model based upon certain legal principles. The legal principles address the historical derivative rights of creators of products and the different legal expressions of ownership.

There are many reasons for describing our patented matchmaking and marketing methods as very important, not only because of the degree of financial inequity in the operation and results of the current business model. Fighters often receive inequitable, or in some cases no share, of certain sources of revenue. For example, a few major promoters who control and benefit from the marketing of digital rights and the revenue created under the current business model.

Our business model will maximize the special growth of the recent benefits of distribution technology on digital products created by fighters. Our model will give full control over the matchmaking and marketing and restore the benefits to their original owners. History has denied the fighters their rights to the benefits of current technology to their original owners.

These benefits were not created by Fighters Online. The benefits were created by the fighters. These benefits flow to the fighters who are now empowered by our business model to make and market their own fights and to the promoter who is empowered to market the “show” which he creates as promoter licensees of Fighters Online, Inc.

The promoters have the exclusive promotional rights to promote the fights made by the registered fighters using the exclusive matchmaking method and were empowered to market their own fights to our promoters who select from the Made Fights database the fights they want to “buy” for their “show.”

The features that the registered fighters have as licensed users of our matchmaking and marketplace of Made Fights are exclusive rights which benefit all users and do not disadvantage any fighter or promoter licensee.

The products we sell are digital fight content. Promoters have historically contractually preempted the two fighters' rights of ownership and control of the various sources of revenue which flow to the promoter from his marketing. This model violates the legal principle that the rights of ownership of content originate with and belong to the creators of that content.

Our patented matchmaking model gives the rights of ownership of digital content back to the rightful owners, the two fighters who created and were the originators of the digital fight content. The product is their fight.

Promoters who register to use its marketplace of fights made by the fighters receive the exclusive rights to use features which have been customized and designed specifically to maximize the special benefits that flow to the promoters.

Fighter and promoter licensees agree to the limitations that the license imposes upon the fighters and promoters who register to receive the special rights and benefits of our computerized system designed to serve all the needs of figters and assist all those who provide services to the fighters.

When the fighters register, they receive the fundamental right to make their own fight by using our patented model and their computers to challenge and accept challenges from other fighters. These agreements to fight between two of our registered fighters are transferred to an online marketplace of fights available exclusively to our promoters.

Online video's growth in demand for video will become their network operators' most difficult challenge.

We in the fight business, especially those who have a strong affinity for boxing and MMA and a special respect for the fighters and their dilemma of choosing between fighting under a one-sided contract with many unfair provisions. One provision transfers forever his ownership as the creator of digital rights to all of his future fights.

This is VERY important at this special time in the history of boxing and MMA. The development of patented wireless and software technology and new revolutionary models for creating and marketing digital fight content will create a new day for fighters and promoters.

The timing of the several new models in the convergence is amazing. The completion of the development of high-technology seemed targeted to satisfy the desperate need of fighters and promoters for several new highly functional models. When all of these new models are combined, they give us an opportunity to create an Agreement between licensee-fighters and licensee-promoters which will provide for rights and responsibilities and incentive based methods for determining the shares of all revenue, including the revenue from the world's subscribers to online video, This will seem miraculous to the fighters and promoters who use the system.

It becomes close to miraculous when you add to the convergence another simple but nonetheless revolutionary new online matchmaking model. To the licensee-fighters and promoters, this is free agency with wheels. To those of us who have this iinexplicable passion for reforming the fight business, it's a blessing from God.

Our simple online method for enabling fighters to create an unprecedented number of fighters in their weight class who have agreed to fight is revolutionary and so is the model of marketing those made fights to promoters for putting together cards.

The fights are products This demand for more video and the response of those of us in the fight business to meet this demand as a fighter or promoter, will be met by creating new businesses. Fighters Online will create and market digital fight content using new models which will offer us a tremendous opportunity, but also its own set of challenges.

We are fortunate to be at this formative stage of development in the industry.

Revolutionary Matchmaking and Revenue Sharing

· New Revenue Created and Shared with Full Transparency ·
· Fans Polled for Opponents and Made Fights for Shows ·
· Live Fights Streamed to Millions of Subscribers ·
· Revenue from Fights on Broadband Internet ·
· A Transparent Revenue Sharing Model ·

Fighters Online has created and patented a simple online matchmaking system that enables fighters to make their own fights by reviewing the records of the fighters that he is considering to challenge, and, with a click of his mouse, he is taken to the website of the fighter that he has selected to challenge.

With another click, he challenges the fighter selected and the challenged fighter receives a voice mail or email that he has been challenged. By going to his website, he can accept the challenge and the fighter who challenged him receives a voice mail or email that his challenge was accepted.

Accepted challenges become made fights and are transferred to a database of made fights for sale to promoters or directly to venues. A prominent boxing promoter who owned a hotel casino venue in Las Vegas predicted years ago that fighters would inevitably see the financial advantages of making their own fights and dealing as a free agent directly with venues. He argued that venues can do everything a promoter does, including pay-per-view and video streaming on a digital fight channel. Fights will be shown on Fighters Online's exclusive digital fight channel and revenue will be shared with the fighters.

Our model is simple but revolutionary.

We will begin with the fighters who by registering will be able to challenge not only any active boxer or MMA fighter, but also challenge and make matches with their colleague heavyweights from professional football, wrestling, basketball, and rugby. These matches will draw millions of viewers according to fan polling and Twitter followers. Many of these extraordinary athletes would like to challenge other heavyweights from their sport who also have strong marquee value. Their fans will be polled as to their preferred opponents. Many 300-lb heavyweights from football and rugby have enormous potential as heavyweight fighters on the world's broadband television and will issue dozens of challenges.

Challenges and accepted challenges will be listed on each athlete's website, Facebook page, and tweeted to their followers. Twitter will help the fighters stay connected to their fans. We intend to use Twitter to quickly share information about challenges and acceptances with fighters and their fans. Through fan polling, we will gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with fans, fighters, and promoters.

Once the heavyweight database and software are developed, Fighters Online will demonstrate the creation of an abundance of heavyweight made fights and promoters will easily promote what has been difficult to do in the past, put on a series of all-heavyweight cards.

The math phenomena peculiar to networking between members of a network group applies to fighters in any weight class with the fighter's weight class being their network group. Each fighter will be connected to the other fighters within his weight class network group.

The phenomena of this connectivity within groups on the Internet is particularly valuable in the heavyweight division since it creates an extraordinary number of heavyweight fights, enabling promoters to create an unprecedented number of highly marketable all-heavyweight cards.


The fighter and promoter licensees of Fighters Online, Inc. are fortunate to receive and use the exclusive rights to use our patented matchmaking method to create, own, and market digital fight content to hundreds of millions of fight fans. The fighters and promoters will receive the free exclusive rights to use the technologies required to create and market to subscribers a digital fight product. They are blessed that the critical technology has only been recently been completed to distribute the volume needed to meet the enormous demand of consumers in 800 million homes for consumption in 145 countries.

Fighters Online, Inc. seeks to align itself with a strategic partner that has a passion for the fights and an appreciation of our business matchmaking model. The desired partner will have access to technology, development, marketing and management skills that will enable the rapid and quality development of its potential.



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